Review: Gods of Earth by Craig DeLancey

Gods of EarthGods of Earth by Craig DeLancey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I bought this audio book during a promotion, which is a good way to try new authors. This is how I discovered Larry Correia, who became one of my favorite authors. In this case, though, I’m not sure I would jump on Craig DeLancey’s next fantasy book.
I liked the basic idea of the story, because usually I’m interested in a quest type adventure. However, there were a few things that threw me off balance.
My biggest issue was that there were too many strange creatures, and at certain points it was hard to follow who was who and who did what and why. For example, what was the function of the modegast? (Sorry, if I misspell it, I write it after hearing.) It felt as if the writer wanted to include them only because he found them cool, and anyway, they could just chase the heroes giving some excitement. Also, a (kind of) vampire? Really? In this sense I think less would have been more.
Talking about writer’s intervention – you know, when something isn’t really consistent, but happens anyway to move the plot forward – I found a few events sticking out. For example killing the parents without hesitation (instead of only immobilize them) and kidnapping the girl just to have a motive for the hero to go on the quest.
At certain points I got bored, and tapped the “skip 30 seconds” icon quite a few times.
Besides that I found the writer’s voice enjoyable, and the characters were drawn well enough for me. I also found the mythic base interesting and I liked the names a lot. (Though, after a while I half-expected Thor to appear, but it was just me, watching too much Marvel films.)

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