Worth reading this week

There are a lot of articles this week worth reading, here is my sampling. Enjoy!

How to write a book in five drafts
In his podcast Jeff Goins talks about his way of writing a book. May not be suitable for everyone, but who knows, maybe it’s the method you were looking for to write your bestseller.

How to Create an Irresistible Incentive to Join Your Email List
I see it everywhere I look for writing advice: build a mailing list of readers. So here you are, some good advice from Copyblogger.

First person POV vs. third person POV
Which one is right for you? Some writers feel at ease when writing in one or the other, but it takes time to experience which one suits you better. Care for some advice?

Writing prompt: Why is She Fleeing?
Take a look at the picture and answer the question. It can be just some excercise to practice your writing, but it easily could be the theme for your next writing piece.

For sci-fi writers: Squid-inspired tape could help camouflage soldiers
Now you have one more idea for your military sci-fi story. I love Popular Science, because it makes my imagination go wild.


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