Wyrms by Orson Scott Card

WyrmsWyrms by Orson Scott Card

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Warning: spoilers ahead!

I just finished Orson Scott Card’s Wyrms and I don’t know what to say. This book pulled my mind apart. I liked and hated it the same time.

It was full of awesome ideas. I loved that. The heads in the jars preserved by alien lifeforms… awesome. The genetic basis of the story and the interaction of different species are compelling. Here is a book which is not about aliens attacking humans or humans attacking aliens. The alien life-form chose to mix with the human genes in order to survive, moreover, to produce a much more dominant new race. The memory-storing crystals in people’s mind was also an excellent idea, especially because it could be passed to the next generation.

This being said, I almost fell asleep when the characters gave philosophical speeches to each other. Maybe I’m a shallow guy who easily get bored over deep philosophical thoughts, but my finger was itching to push the fast forward button (being listened to the audio version). At some points I even considered giving up.

There are some very, I mean very disturbing events in the story. I already found odd how Patience dealt with his father’s head. However the most awful thing was the mating between the heroine and the worm-like UnWyrm. Not only the act itself, but what happened right after that. I would have thrown the book on the ground if it wasn’t on my smartphone.

Some of the characters simply irritated me. If I were the author I would have killed the fat woman character early in the book.

So not being able to decide if it was a brilliant or a very bad book, I give three stars.

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