A Quest of Heroes by Morgan Rice

A Quest of Heroes (The Sorcerer's Ring, #1)A Quest of Heroes by Morgan Rice

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book sounded like grandpa telling a fairytale for the kids before bedtime (I listened to the audio version). I mean it really sounded like that. One of the reasons I had this feeling was the choice of words, that I found odd in some places. I don’t remember in any other book the phrases “he looked in every which way” or “on this day of all days” or “the king said on his kingly voice”. For me these sound archaic. As I said, a fairytale.

The plot was interesting, the story of Thorgin was what kept me listening, because I wanted to know what happened to him. It’s a pity that the book ended abruptly, the hero thrown into jail, knocked out. Maybe the author’s intention was to place a hook making the reader to go to the next book in the series, but this story lacked the satisfying ending. It was as if The Way of Kings ended when Kaladin was hung out in the storm on the roof of the barrack (if you read Brandon Sanderson).

My other concern was some improbable events. For example when Thor broke into the Legion’s training field, by the end of the scene he gained the support of the best Knight in the kingdom, and the son of the king offered his friendship. I just couldn’t believe it. But again, if it’s a fairytale…

The narration was another weak point of the audiobook. My grandpa may had gotten away with this narration when I was six, but now it got on my nerves. It was as if the narrator was continuously surprised and amazed the same time.

I managed to get at the end of the book, because as I said, I wanted to know what happened to Thor, but I’m not into the rest of the series.

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