Soul Meaning by A. D. Starrling

Soul Meaning (Seventeen, #1)Soul Meaning by A.D. Starrling

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The concept of the story is compelling, it grabbed my attention. A book about immortals? Count me in for reading. The way these people are immortal is awesome. They can die, but they resurrect and their wounds heal quickly. (Though, it bugged me why exactly sixteen times. Why was it the seventeenth death that was fatal? But it’s just me, taunting.) It made me think what would be the life like if I knew I can survive my death.

The plot was well crafted. Lucas Soul got in the crossfire of two immortal Houses’ conflict and in the way of the cruel Crovir leader who was seeking revenge on the opposite immortal family and the mortal society. The breaking out of the war was imminent.

The books is really fast paced, actually too fast for my liking. I could hardly catch my breath between action scenes. There is a certain dynamics to action books, after a fighting scene there must be a time for the reader to calm down. For me the action fas too tightly packed together.

There was another point I had problem with: too many deaths. If there is one death in a book it has a huge impact. The whole story can be built around it, this is what crime books are about. Every further death have less and less impact. In Soul meaning people died like flies. After a certain point I stopped caring about them, moreover, I started to skip paragraphs in fighting scenes. This was the main reason I gave only three stars.

However, I liked the author’s voice, and I found the book well edited. I think the biggest problem with indie books is that many of them are poorly edited. The author made the effort to polish the story and it paid back.

I would love to see more character development, though. I’m not talking about showing emotional reactions in situations, that was OK, but the character arc throughout the story. I suppose the many actions didn’t leave enough room for that.

Soul meaning is an enjoyable book if you are into urban fantasy and immortals.

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