In need of a professional editor?

I was reading the writer’s blog posts for while, hesitating what should I do with my manuscript. It went trough beta reading, and had I corrected a lot of errors – more than I had expected. I thought of some of the indie books with misspelled words and bad grammar, and I knew I didn’t want to publish one like those. When you spend many hours crafting an excellent story, the one you always wanted to write, you don’t want it to go down because the reader frowns at the grammatical mistakes you have made. So I hired a professional editor.

My first e-book is short, around fourteen thousand words – three science-fiction short stories – but I wanted it to be as good as I can make it. I’m a new author, still in the learning curve, besides, I’m not native English. So there were plenty of things my editor had to work on.

I used the services of People Per Hour, and asked Sarah to undo all the mistakes I made against the English language. She did an amazing job. I gazed at the red corrections, crossed words and side-comments, and I humbly realised how much I still have to learn. Together we put the stories in a publishable shape. Now it’s sitting on my hard drive, waiting for a nice cover to be made. Then I’ll push the publish button, and check every hour time after time how many copies I sell.

This e-book is my guinea pig to experiment the indie publishing way.


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